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Phoenix Playset Stain and Repair Special

Before and After Pressure Wash and Playset Stain

Get your playset ready for the season!

It is time to get your playset ready for the season and for your kids to be outside! The Phoenix summer heat is hard on outdoor playsets. Reduce the risk of splinters, minimize the wear from sprinklers and harsh monsoon winds. Make your playset look like new again! Staining your playset with a weather-resistant paint after a pressure wash will extend the life of your set and will help to keep your backyard looking beautiful! Call now Leisure Installation Services to get a QUOTE and scheduled your playset stain and repair today in Phoenix!

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Our Phoenix playset stain and repair services include:

  • Pressure wash to remove dirt
  • Solid stain with weather protectant applied on interior and exterior of set. We use Behr and Gorilla stains.
  • Hardware tighten and basic repairs (Broken beams/boards may require a return trip and additional costs. Please check your warranty for replacement parts.)
  • Repair recommendations (May incur additional fees; upon agreement.)

Make your playset like new again and protect against the weather. Above all, enjoy your leisure time and let us do the rest!

Service is available in the metropolitan Phoenix area. The playset stain and repair will be scheduled over 2-3 days. Sprinkler systems will need to be turned off during scheduled dates to ensure proper application.

1st Day – Pressure wash (and drying time)
2nd Day – Stain & Repairs
3rd Day – Repair (if needed)

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Before and After Pressure Wash and Playset Stain

October 31st

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Costco Playset Twin Mountain Lodge 2 Slide Cedar Playset

Getting Costco‘s Twin Mountain Lodge playset with both the tube and wave slide? Call Leisure Installation Services for your professional installation in the Phoenix area. Most installations can be scheduled and completed within 48-72 hours. Average installation takes 6-8 hours and is completed in the same day.

We look forward to working with you!

2014 Cedar Summit with Tube Slide
2014 Cedar Summit with Tube Slide

Call (480) 980-6929 NOW to schedule!

Costco’s Twin Mountain Lodge playset comes with:

  • FSC Certified Cedar
  • Tube and Wave Slides
  • 3 Position Swing Beam
  • 2 Story Clubhouse
  • Freestanding Bench
  • Panelized Wall Construction

Serving Phoenix, North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler.

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Check out a blog in Arizona Foothills Magazine about us!

Trending: Professional Holiday Lighting in Phoenix

Trending: Professional Holiday Lighting in Phoenix
Amanda Rumore

Tis the season for holiday décor. Phoenix residents are especially holly and jolly during the holiday season, as we do boast sunny 70-degree days throughout much of the wintertime. Our warm weather doesn’t stop us from adding holiday cheer to our homes. Decking the halls, adding faux snowmen and hanging glistening lights is a favorite amongst many Phoenician families.

This year, a growing trend in holiday décor is becoming even more popular. Did you know that many of your neighbors actually skip the hassle and frustration of hanging outdoor Christmas lights and hire a professional? Yes, there are professional Phoenix holiday light installers that have perfected their craft so Valley homes can shine ever so bright.


Leisure Installation Services

Homes throughout Phoenix are being lit by the professionals at Leisure Installation Services. Formed by husband and wife team, James and Sasha Lewis, they created a family owned company dedicated to bringing quality and integrity back into this world. As parents, they insist that safety and security are paramount.

During the holiday season, they specialize in Phoenix custom holiday lighting services. They install commercial grade c7 lights cut to a home’s specific needs. After the season, they come back to remove the lights, which you get to keep. They will also hang your pre-owned lights.

Their company also provides residential installation of entertainment and premanufactured products such as wooden playsets, trampolines, basketball goals, sheds, and gazebos.


More About James and Sasha

Fa la la la, hanging holiday lights might be one of the most festive jobs of the season, except for the big guy in red, of course. We asked James what his favorite part of the job was. “The best part of hanging Christmas lights is when they turn on and the house lights up,” explains James. “It’s always great to get photos from customers the first time the lights can be seen at night. Everyone remembers driving through neighborhoods as children looking at the lights and it is always great when we can be part of that.”

The least favorite part of hanging phoenix holiday lights? “The ladder work!” says James. “That’s also why I am in business! Each installation requires a unique approach because of the home design and landscape. Being able to maintain safety at all times is my primary concern and Phoenix topography adds an interesting challenge at times.”

As you would expect, James and Sasha’s home is lit up for Christmas. They are a bit traditional in the timing, so they put up their Christmas tree on Thanksgiving and everything begins to come down within a week after New Year’s. Their two story home is complete with the white c7 lights and the front tree wrapped in white mini lights. A Christmas wreath hangs from the front door welcoming family and guests. For fun inside the house, they wrap the banister with multicolored LED lights.

DIY Tips for Phoenix Residents

  • Be careful to not overload your circuits by plugging too many lines together. Pay close attention to the limit recommendations to avoid fire hazards.
  • If you are using hot glue on the stucco and do not want to ruin it when taking the lights down, use heat to quickly soften the glue so it releases the string instead of popping it off the wall.
  • On a tight budget? Place a wreath on the front door and one eye catching decoration inside other than the tree. One or two things can add to the holiday spirit.

If you’re looking for Phoenix Christmas lighting done by professionals at your home, be sure to contact Leisure Installation Services at They also offer Christmas lighting specials all through the season..