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Don’t Forget to Check Your Lumber!

Don’t Forget to Check Your Lumber!

If you’re like most people, you and your family are spending a lot more time outside and at home. What’s another great way for your family to all have fun? Get a playset or swing set to enjoy in your very own backyard! Right now everyone is looking for something to keep the kids and themselves busy. Families are getting outside to spend time together, taking the time to pursue hobbies, or completing more home DIY projects. Coupled with demand, wooden playset manufacturers such as Gorilla, Backyard Discovery, and KidKraft are dealing with unprecedented times. Here are some things to be watching for as you build your playset or swing set. 


Leisure Installations Playsets Damaged Lumber The ability to be at home has had some interesting outcomes! One is we are facing a lumber shortage. This shortage is due in large part to an increase in DIY projects being done as many families are staying home to avoid the pandemic. This lumber shortage is greatly affecting the quality of lumber we are receiving with the playsets. In our 20 years of experience, this is the first time that we are seeing a high rate of parts arriving damaged or not to normal standards (in our opinion). This is affecting all manufacturers and all models, large and small.


When purchasing and assembling a new playset or swing set, it is very important that you examine all the pieces by unpacking first. Examine the posts for deep cracks and splits Leisure Installations Playsets(some surface cracks and blemishes are expected). If your main support posts or swing beam has deep cracks then the structural integrity of the playset could be impacted. Warping is when the wood is slightly bent and is common with many sets. Many times the piece can be used if it can still be attached. However, it is important to take time with these pieces during assembly to avoid potential splits. Manufacturers typically cover defects in wood and replace them without charge. Failure to inspect the pieces could cause the playset to become unsafe for your family’s use and could lead to injury in the future.


We understand that everyone is excited about having a new playset for their children’s enjoyment. We would be doing you a disservice to continue to assemble the structure without waiting on the replacement parts. These are frustrating times and we ask that you be kind to your installer, even if that installer is yourself. 

Many manufacturers have halted production and are now just opening back up. Know that Leisure Installs are taking preorders and will do everything possible to help you find the perfect structure to meet your family’s needs. We install playsets or swingsets purchased by you as well as other structures including basketball goals, sheds, and gazebos. 

While things are uncertain, let us take the time to enjoy what we have and have some fun. 

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