Landscape Rubber Border



Cocoa Brown


Landscape Rubber Border  3″H x 4’L x 3″W

Playsafer Rubber Boader provides the most secure and efficient playground barrier, Landscape Rubber Borders keep surfacing in and unwanted debris out. Our Landscape Rubber Borders are exceptional: smooth and seamless; no decomposition, warping or discoloration; an unbelievable ten year warranty; and installation of Landscape Rubber Border is a breeze!

  • Available in: Brown, Red, and Black
  • Pieces are 4 feet in length
  • 48″ long x 3″ deep x 3 1/4 ” tall
  • Multi-purpose – use it against the lawn, adjacent to a walkway or patio, or to trim around a fixture like a fence or AC pad Inexpensive and easy to install, requires NO digging!
  • Reversible flush mount application offers great retention of ground cover materials
  • Recessed holes achieve maximum holding power from the stakes
  • Pieces bend up to 70 degrees, from end-to-end (sharper curves may be created by cutting the product)
  • All necessary hardware (stakes and connectors) is included
  • Sturdy and flexible – pieces bend both vertically and horizontally
  • Will not heave or crack from inclement weather
  • Keeps mulch from spilling out into walkways & patios
  • Trademark Mower Edge Design helps eliminates the need for string trimming
  • Safe for children and use around backyard playgrounds

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