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Make your playset like new again and protect against the weather!

The Phoenix summer heat is hard on outdoor playsets. Reduce the risk of splinters, minimize the wear from sprinklers and harsh monsoon winds. Make your playset look like new again!

Staining your playset with a weather-resistant paint after a pressure wash will extend the life of your set and will help to keep your backyard looking beautiful! Complete the online quote and schedule your playset stain and repair today in Phoenix!

Our Phoenix playset stain and repair services include:

  • Pressure wash to remove dirt
  • Solid stain with weather protectant applied on interior and exterior of set. We use Behr stains.
  • Hardware tighten and basic repairs (Broken beams/boards may require a return trip and additional costs. Please check your warranty for replacement parts.)
  • Repair recommendations (May incur additional fees; upon agreement.)

Before and After Pressure Wash and Playset Stain

Service is available in the metropolitan Phoenix area. The playset stain and repair will be scheduled over 2-3 days. Sprinkler systems will need to be turned off during scheduled dates to ensure proper application. We also ask that the playset not be used during this process.


  • 1st Day – Pressure wash (and drying time)
  • 2nd Day – Stain & Repairs
  • 3rd Day – Repair (if needed) ?
    • We may ask for pictures to better understand the project and to ensure the playset meets current ATSM safety guidelines. Your child/grandchild’s safety is our #1 concern!    


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