Shed Installation


INSTALLATION ONLY for DIY sheds in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas (click here for nationwide installation). You must purchase the a model from another retailer such as Costco, Home Depot, or Lowes

Leisure Installs typically takes 6-8 hours to assemble most sheds. Check out the online reviews to see how long it takes most people to do it themselves and what they thought of the process! 


  • Concrete pad and or footings must be present
  • Area must be level
  • Free of tree stumps or other debris
  • Free of pet waste
  • We condense shipping materials but do not remove 
  • Homeowner is responsible for obtaining any Homeowners Association approval that may be required
  • Homeowner is responsible for obtaining any permits that may be required

Price subject to change if onsite model differs than model quoted. 

MyChoreBuddy Assembly Installation

Looking for installation and assembly services in your area? Check out nbsp;My Chore Buddy nbsp;today to find a professional installer near you! Please note that prices may vary and are not guaranteed to match.

Click here to get your playset assembly quote!!


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