Customer Support

Customer Support

Please see details below for customer support for Leisure Installs. Sales and Services are available for AZ residents, only. Orders will come straight to Leisure Installs and we will handle delivery*. 

*Delivery exceptions may exist for certain products such as Rubber Mulch and Backyard Discovery products.


When delivery is direct to the customer.

It is very important that you thoroughly inspect the merchandise for any damages that may have occurred during transport. ANY damages that are discovered must be notated on the bill of lading/delivery receipt that you sign. Have the driver initial any damage report and be sure to obtain a copy of this delivery document.

Deliveries refused, including those due to late deliveries on the carrier’s behalf will be refunded minus all incurred shipping costs, which may include, but is not limited to, shipping costs to and from the respective delivery address.

Returns and Cancellations: 

Your satisfaction is our goal. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact Leisure Installs to discuss your options. Returns or cancellations for items purchased from Leisure Installs may be available for a limited basis.

Products NOT Assembled/Installed:

Contact Leisure Installs within 30 days of the purchase date. At the discretion of Leisure Installs, the delivery date may be used to calculate the 30 days. The item must be unopened and unused, in saleable condition, and free from any damage. Orders returned do not receive shipping reimbursements and are charged the actual shipping costs, to and from our warehouse. If a returned item was a “Free Shipping” item from us, then the refund for the product will be minus the actual shipping charges. There will be a restocking fee of 10%.  Please be sure of your purchase to avoid unnecessary fees.

Assembled/Installed Products: 

Leisure Installs is unable to accept returns on assembled or installed products.  If you believe there is a defective component, please contact the manufacturer to file a warranty claim.  We will be glad to install the warranty replacement item for a minimum fee of $100. Click the link to be directed to the manufacturer’s website to file a warranty claim: Backyard Adventures; Swing Kingdom Playsets, Gorilla Playsets; Goalrilla & Silverback Basketball Hoops, and AlleyOOP Trampolines.

Suggested Maintenance:

We are happy to provide maintenance services, including weather sealing, for your playset, or other outdoor recreational equipment. Please call or message us for a free quote.

Each manufacturer does suggest maintenance for your purchase. Please review your owner’s manual or manufacturer website: Backyard Adventures; Swing Kingdom; Gorilla Playsets; Goalrilla & Silverback Basketball Hoops and AlleyOOP Trampolines.

Your play equipment should be inspected on a regular basis. Check all nuts and bolts for tightness twice monthly or more frequently based on usage.  Tighten as required. It is particularly important to check & tighten bolts at the beginning of each season.

Check the trampoline enclosure net & jumping mat and playset swings, chains, and slides for cracks or deterioration. Replacement should be made at the first sign of deterioration.

Wooden Playsets:

It is also important to stain and seal the wood components of your play set as needed. This will not only keep your play set looking nice, but it will also prolong the life of the system by limiting moisture and UV rays that the wood is naturally exposed to. Leisure Installs can provide this service at installation or down the road.

Weather Seal:

Wooden playsets, gazebos, or pergolas require some maintenance regardless of the brand, model, or size. This will not only keep it looking great but will ensure it is working safely and efficiently. Sealing the wooden structure protects it from wind, sun, and water damage. Not only does it increase the life of the wooden structure but it is a requirement for most warranties. With this in mind, we recommend wooden playsets, gazebos or pergolas be sealed once a year. This can be a DIY project or handled by Leisure Installs. We’re happy to help!

Leisure Installs will complete this project over the course of 2 appointments and will do the following:

Day 1

  • Inspect the wooden structure for damage. Any wooden components that need replacing should be ordered and installed prior to weather sealing.
  • Ensure all bolts, nuts, and screws are tight.
    Pressure wash the structure.
  • Access to a water spigot and electricity is required.
  • Sprinklers should be turned off overnight.
  • Children should not play on the newly cleaned playset or swing set.

Day 2

  • Crew returns to weather seal the wooden playset, gazebo or pergola.
  • Children should not play on the newly sealed playset or swing set.
  • Sprinklers should remain off overnight.

*Providing 24 hours for the sealant to dry will ensure no messes or accidental wood exposure. Your wooden structure is now ready for the wind, rain, and heat!

Concrete Footers:

Gazebo Footer Installation: 

Pouring concrete footers in landscaping such as grass, rocks or dirt is the easiest application. Our crew will confirm the placement of the gazebo in order to map where the footers should be dug and where we should place the dug-up earth. Then we will begin to dig the holes. If we come across any obstructions we will stop to discuss the next steps with the customer. We’re able to assist to ensure the job is completed to our customers’ satisfaction; however, providing extra services will result in additional costs. Once the holes are dug, we begin the process of placing our concrete forms and pouring the concrete. After the concrete is poured it should have at least 72 hours (3 days) to cure.  During this time sprinklers should be shut off, and children and/or pets should stay away from the wet concrete. We will book the next appointment to complete the gazebo installation and anchoring to the newly poured concrete footers.

How does Leisure Installs pour a concrete footer when there are pavers?

The process is relatively the same. The pavers located at the footer site will be pulled up and set aside. Our specialty is assembling outdoor equipment, with that said we can remove the pavers that are located at the posts but we will not be able to reinstall those pavers. We do recommend contacting someone that installs pavers to come out and properly cut and fit the removed pavers around the posts to give a finished look.

Why can’t you attach the gazebo to pavers?

Unfortunately, we have found that trying to anchor to a paver can cause the paver to crack. We want to keep your landscaping looking nice! Additionally, we have seen first-hand how Arizona monsoons can move structures and the weight of a paver is just not enough to keep a gazebo secure during strong winds.

Basketball Footer Installation: 

In-ground basketball goals require a concrete footer to properly attach the pole and is the secret to a long-lasting basketball goal. Leisure Installs is able to dig and pour the concrete footer following the manufacturer’s specifications.  If a concrete pad or court is existing, we will determine where to dig the footer hole, which should be just outside of the concrete edge. We will not dig into the existing concrete. If you are planning to have a concrete court poured, most manufacturers would recommend the anchor system be independent of the court. If you plan to have concrete poured for both at the same time, then most manufacturers would recommend having an expansion joint in between. This is something a concrete finisher would be able to perform.

When you hire Leisure Installs to assemble your new in-ground basketball goal, we will dig and pour the concrete footer and assemble the basketball goal. We complete the project over the course of two (2) appointments with at least 72 hours (3 days) in-between to allow the concrete to cure.

Customer Expectations: For our safety and yours, we do require underground utilities to be marked prior to installation; regardless of front or back yard installation

  • can assist with public utilities that lead to your plot such as sewer, electrical, cable, etc.
  • Backyard underground utilities such as plumbing or electrical for a pool or bbq are considered private utilities
  • Private utilities require a third-party contractor to be contacted to properly mark prior to the footer excavation
  • does provide a link to search for a company that will mark private utilities.

Warranty Information:

REGISTER YOUR PURCHASE! Product Warranty is provided by the manufacturer, not Leisure Installs.

Click the brand below to learn more about specific warranty terms, product registration and filing a claim with the manufacturer: Backyard Adventures; Congo Playsystems; Gorilla Playsets; Goalrilla & Silverback Basketball Hoops and AlleyOOP Trampolines.

Leisure Installs does guarantee our workmanship for 30 days. If you believe there is a problem with the installation services, please contact us and we can discuss how it can be made right.  Each manufacturer does provide guidelines for normal usage maintenance such as tightening loose bolts or screws. Please refer to the manufacturer’s user manual or website for these recommendations.

Damage/Defect found during installation:

Leisure Installs will attempt to ensure all components are accounted for and not damaged prior to installation. If damage or missing components are found, then the customer will need to file a claim with the manufacturer. We may not be able to complete the installation until replacement parts are provided. Once replacement parts are received, Leisure Installs will return to complete the installation. We will not charge for this additional trip. However, there may be additional trip fees if multiple return trips are required. If Leisure Installs needs to make additional repairs to the item due to the manufacturer’s damage/defect, then there may be a minimum fee of $100.

Damage/Defect found after installation:

Please contact the manufacturer to file a warranty claim on the components. We’re more than happy to assist with the installation of the warranty replacement parts! Once the replacement parts are received, please contact Leisure Installs to schedule an appointment. There will be a minimum fee of $100 to install the new components.

Wooden Playsets:

Cosmetic imperfections and natural tendencies of wood such as peeling, splintering, warping, seasonal checking or cracking, knots or knot holes, etc. are normal characteristics of all wooden play equipment. Checks or cracks in wood components that do not affect the intended function of the part, piece or overall swing set functionality are not typically covered by manufacturer warranty.

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