Installation for Grand Chateau + Weather Seal




INSTALLATION AND SEALANT for the Grand Chateau Swing Set in PHOENIX, AZ and surrounding areas. While we’re handling the installation, why not let us weather seal your new playset for you. The Phoenix summer heat is hard on outdoor playsets. Reduce the risk of splinters, minimize the wear from sprinklers, and harsh monsoon winds by sealing your set with weather-resistant sealant to extend the life of your playset. Weather sealing will help to keep your backyard looking beautiful with a well-maintained playset!

Installation of set
Pressure wash to remove dirt (when applicable)
Sealant with weather protectant applied to wooden areas of the playset.

No Pressure Wash Needed – Installation and Sealant same day
Pressure Wash Needed – Installation and Pressure Wash same day

Playset should not be used until after sealant is applied. Sealant will be applied within 1-2 days of a pressure wash to allow for drying.

Please allow for some flexibility regarding the start time on the day of the sealing.

Sealant takes up to 24 hours to dry and playset will not be able to be used during that time.

Installation Terms and Conditions
If there is existing damage to the components (i.e. damaged during shipping) found during installation, we will return one time, after warranty parts have arrived, at no additional charge. An additional $100 minimum fee may apply if repairs are needed due to manufacturer defect.
After installation, there will be a minimum $100 charge for replacement of any parts covered by manufacturer warranty or customer purchase.

handybuddy Assembly Installation

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