Install Only – 12 x 16 Domi Outdoor Louvered Pergola with Aluminum Roof

$1,100 5 hours


INSTALLATION ONLY for the 12 x 16 Domi Outdoor Louvered Pergola with Aluminum Roof in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas (click here for nationwide installation). You must purchase the pergola from another retailer such as Costco.

Once booking information is selected, you can pay by credit card after confirming the booking date. If you prefer, you can also pay by cash or check up completion of installation.


  • The homeowner is responsible for HOA approval and applicable permits
  • The ground must be level and clear of debris
  • Installation pad or area already prepared (additional fee will apply if site preparation is needed and must be completed before installation)
  • If we are anchoring, underground utilities must be marked ahead of time.
  • If guarded community, Leisure Installs must be added to the approved list ahead of time, or a $20 convenience fee is added.
  • We condense shipping materials but do not remove

Installation Terms and Conditions:

  • If there is existing damage to the components (i.e., damaged during shipping) found during installation, we will return once, after warranty parts have arrived, at no additional charge. An additional $100 minimum fee may apply if repairs are needed due to manufacturer defects.
  • After installation, there will be a minimum $100 charge for the replacement of any parts covered by manufacturer warranty or customer purchase.
  • Additional trip fees may apply at checking out, depending on your location in Arizona.
  • If an incorrect product is selected at booking, Leisure Installs holds the right to change to the correct product and charges additional fees if applicable.

Additional information

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