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8 Reasons Why Valley Parents Are Using Professional Swing Set Installers

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The modest metal swing sets of the past have been replaced by play structures made of lumber with intricate accessories like rock-climbing walls, spiral slides, bridges and skybox play decks. Modern play structures, like  Gorilla play sets, start at $1,000 for a very basic model and can reach $10,000, depending on brand and add-ons.  Needless to say, a swing set is a significant investment for your home and your children’s development.

Swing set installed by Leisure Installation

This spring season, when my husband and I were ready to purchase a swing set for our daughter, we turned to our friends at Leisure Installations – Outdoor Recreational Equipment Installations.  They were able to provide us with inside knowledge on play set brands and equipment, and we’re also the ones we trusted to install our new playground equipment.  In fact, many Phoenix families are turning to professional swing set installers for their tiny tots beloved sets.

If you’re considering making this summer extra special by purchasing a swing set, here are reasons other parents are turning to the pros:

  • Professional is better.  There’s a reason why I prefer having my makeup done by a professional and my house cleaned by a pro. When working with a true expert, you ensure perfect results and you eliminate the stress and hassle of doing it yourself. By partnering with Leisure Installations, the professional swing set installers in Phoenix, you will have peace of mind that your children’s new playground is properly and safely installed and meets all codes.
  • Saves time. Who has time to put together a swing set? Not me, not my husband nor does anybody else I know.  With family life, home life and work life, installing a swing set hardly fits into our schedule. A new swing set should inspire fun, excitement and quality time together for your family, not create new stresses and challenges over a tedious installation. The pro installers at Leisure Installation Phoenix have the necessary time to install your play set because it’s their job.  In fact, it’s one of the things they do best!
  • Sick of the clutter.  Boxes filled with play set parts take up a lot of room! If your honey has been consistently skipping this big task on his honey-do list, it is time to take matters into your own hands. Call the experienced installers today at 480-980-6929. Or, you can get a free quote via the web. They can get your play set up so it can be put to good use!
  • Professional planning. A professional who installs swing sets has the equipment, know-how and training to provide optimal results. A professional will analyze your Arizona backyard terrain and landscape, taking into account any special accommodations needed. A professional installer can ensure that the installation is done correctly and with minimum disruption to your yard. They can also help with the additions of mulch, sand or whatever substance you’ll be using under and around the set.
  • Service and support. Once your swing set is installed, it’s wise to have it properly maintained. James Lewis at Leisure Installations can help you maximize the lifespan of your swing set. Staining and maintenance are key in the longevity of your playground set!
  • Added value to your home. Everyone knows that once you install an awesome play set, you’ll have a home that everyone wants to come too – children and parents alike.  And, if you’re eventually looking to rent or sell your home, a professionally installed play set can be an attractive element to families in Phoenix looking to rent and / or buy.
  • Relocating. Speaking of buying a home, if you’re moving and your children are attached to your play set, you can take it with to the next house.  Leisure Installation Services will disassemble your playground, load it on a trailer, deliver and re-install it at the next location. The playground set will be checked for wear and any problems will be brought to your attention, immediately.
  • Saves money.  Can you imagine how much it would cost to tear down a swing set that was installed haphazardly? Worst yet, if the neighbor’s kid hurt themselves because you had faulty equipment? In this case, I think we all agree to go pro.

Leisure Installation Services is a family owned company dedicated to bringing quality and integrity back into this world. Owner, James R. Lewis has more than a decade of experience installing residential and commercial playgrounds specializing in Gorilla play sets. As a parent, James insists that safety and security are paramount and every set installed must be “good enough for our own children.” Leisure Installations expertly installs play sets, basketball goals, trampolines and gazebos and sheds.  For more information, visit

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